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About Pam Barbato, LMT

"I love my work because it helps ME cope with my stress. When I work on people, that’s when I’m the happiest. I feel better when you feel better. And I’ve always been interested in the body and how it works. I just wish I had started earlier than I did but I’ve been plucking away for 30 years and I’m still doing it!

Pam (PA LMT #MSG010907) has been a Florida Licensed Massage Therapist since 1987. She graduated from Reese Institute of Massage in Oviedo, Florida. Pam was certified in Neuromuscular Massage in 1987 from Paul St. John, LMT. From 1997-2000, she taught massage therapy classes for a massage school in Erie, PA.  For three years she was a teaching assistant for the The NMT Center.  In 2000, Pam was certified in MotherMassage (R) by Elaine Stillerman, LMT. Recertified in 2012.

Pam has lived half of her life in Florida and practiced Massage for 30 years mostly in the Sunshine State.  She recently moved back home to Erie, PA and received the PA Massage License. 

Throughout her many years of Massaging and education, she has focused on specializing in relaxation, pain management, and MotherMassage.

"I’m very specific about my work, very detailed. I don’t usually give a generalized massage. I love Swedish. I think Swedish is underrated. I always start with Swedish but whatever you need is what I pull out of my toolbox. Everyone is different and everyone is different every time they come in so you don’t give the same generic massage every single time."

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